• Florida Foreclosure Defense

    Foreclosure Defense – The consequences of a family losing their home are horrendous. Helping people who are in process of losing their home, or have already lost their home, is one of the most rewarding vocations a person can experience.

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  • Florida Civil Trial Litigation

    Trial Litigation – Perhaps you have recently become embattled in a civil suit that you have no idea how to approach, or perhaps you’ve been handling things on your own and the strain is starting to show. Call Us, we can help.

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  • Auto Accident & Slip and Fall

    Auto Accident & Slip and Fall – An auto accident or an unexpected slip and fall can occur in the blink of an eye. Afterward, you need to be able to turn to an experienced team of lawyers and staff to guide you through your litigation.

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  • Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

    Personal Injury & Wrongful Death – The team at our personal injury & wrongful death law practice in West Palm Beach, FL has diverse backgrounds which support various areas of law. In pain, or lost a loved one, we can help.

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Trusted Florida Litigation Law Firm in West Palm Beach

The Law Offices of James R. Ackley, P.A., based in West Palm Beach, provides clients across Florida with the services of a Prestigious Law Firm. We practice in various fields of law, specializing in Foreclosure Defense and Civil Trial Litigation and take into account any changes of law that are made during the pendency of your case. We can assess your situation at a time that works for you, and if you decide to retain us, you will have our personal attention from beginning to end.

Offering Advice and Guidance

By attending to your situation as if it were our own, we will be able to give you the advice you need to make informed decisions. Even if your case involves something as relatively minor as the drafting of a common legal document, or a phone call made on your behalf, we will explain what each term means and what you can expect from the process.

Residents of Florida have a Lawyer they can turn to for a wide range of legal matters at The Law Offices of James R. Ackley, P.A.. We offer flexible appointment availability, so give us a call today for more information. Weekend appointments available upon request.

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